Teecnospos Chapter

Our Story

The Teec Nos Pos Chapter is part of Navajo Land District 9 and is under the Shiprock Agency.  The community is situated 29 miles west of Shiprock, New Mexico and 44 miles southwest of Cortez, Colorado. The chapter extends into three of the “Four Corner” states: Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah.  Most of the chapter population resides in the Arizona portion of the chapter area.

Teecnospos Chapter

Chapter Administration

Lucinda M. Tomchee | CSC

 AMS| Vacant

Chapter Officials

Kenny Victor | Chapter President | 2021-2024 | kvictor@navajochapters.org
Verma Francisco | Chapter Vice-President | 2021-2024
Daron Yellowhorse | Chapter Secretary / Treasurer | 2021-2024
Charlaine Tso | Council Delegate
Robert Redhouse | Grazing Officer